• Servy was acquired by Resy, the leading hospitality technology company. Together, we will be creating the first-ever, reservation-integrated mystery dining and guest feedback platform.

  • Operate a restaurant and want to increase guest satisfaction and sales?

  • Your Restaurant Needs Mystery Shopping

    As an owner or manager, you can't oversee every aspect of your restaurant or talk to every customer.

    Our next generation mystery dining platform provides you with key insights to help you make strategic decisions.


    Better information

    Connects real feedback to checks to tell you what your team does well, and what it can do better.

    More data

    Up to 10X more evaluations so you can identify trends and improve your business today.

    Private feedback

    Stop spending hours digging through unhelpful, unverified public reviews. Get real, structured feedback.

    Spend less for more

    The only platform that enables you to break even or profit on every mystery shop.

    Customizable program

    Fully customize evaluation questions to meet the needs of your restaurant.

  • Servy Increases Sales and Guest Satisfaction

    Get insight while still profiting on every cover

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