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Why I Started Servy

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About two years ago, I was out to dinner with my girlfriend at a small but well-known restaurant in NYC. Unfortunately, despite its positive reviews, we had an absolutely terrible experience. It was so bad that for the first time in my life, I opened the Yelp app and almost wrote my first nasty review.

Luckily, I stopped myself, realizing that there was no part of me that wanted to bash this small business publicly. An online review lives forever and can negatively influence millions of potential diners.

And that's when I realized that there had to be a better solution — a platform that was as easy to use as Yelp, but that focused on private, constructive feedback to help business owners improve. I called my childhood-friend/tech-wizard Julien and told him we were starting a company.

We both sat down and imagined building a private Yelp that let people write feedback directly to business owners. But we quickly realized that without an incentive, people would only give feedback when they had a really horrific or really extraordinary experience. For a restaurant to actually understand how it's doing, it needs frequent feedback that includes the good, the bad and the average or typical experience.

So that's when we decided to provide a small incentive consisting of a partial meal reimbursement. We wanted to make the reward substantial enough to ensure that the diner was motivated to consistently spend their valuable time giving constructive, thoughtful feedback. And then we also realized that we could go one step further and donate a meal to charity every time an Evaluation is completed. We're proud to say that we have donated tens of thousands of meals since launching only a few months ago.

Whether you're here for the charitable donation, the excuse to eat out, or simply to help a business owner succeed, Servy truly wants to help everyone. From myself, Julien, and the rest of the Servy Team, our mission is to build a better food system, and we're grateful to have you on our team.

Robert Edell

CEO and Co-Founder

Servy, Inc.

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