• Earn $100+ for Referring a Restaurant to Servy

  • We’re growing fast, but we’re always looking for new amazing restaurant partners. We’d love your help in growing our restaurant network!

    Earn the following rewards for referring restaurants to Servy:


    for a 1-4 location concept, group, or chain


    for a 5-9 location group or chain


    for a 10-19 location group or chain


    for a 20-49 location group or chain


    for a 50-199 location group or chain


    for a 200+ location group or chain

  • Help Servy grow and earn rewards today!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I refer?

    All you have to do is introduce the business owner/operator to Servy by copying info@servyapp.com on the intro email, and we'll take it from there! We'll show them how Servy works and sign them up as soon as they're ready.

    Who is eligible to refer restaurants for referral rewards?

    Servy clients, industry partners, consultants, and friends are eligible for referral rewards, with the exception of Servy employees or employees or partners in the referred business.

    Are there restrictions?

    The business must be referred to Servy prior to signing up and is only eligible if Servy is not yet already in contact with the referred business.

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