• Servy Referral Terms

    Thank you for your interest in helping us grow!

    Servy clients, industry partners, consultants, and friends are eligible for referral rewards, with the exception of Servy employees clients that are partners or employees of the referred business.


    To refer, all you have to do is introduce the business owner/operator to Servy by emailing info@servyapp.com, and we'll take it from there! We'll explain how Servy works and sign them up as soon as they're ready.


    The referred business must be referred to Servy prior to signing up and is only eligible if Servy is not yet already in contact with the referred business. Referral rewards are rewarded for any business locations that sign up within 90 days of the introduction. The referral reward will be paid out via check as soon as Servy earns the referral reward amount in net revenue from the referred business. Referrers are not eligible for any additional rewards or expense reimbursements associated with the referred business signing up.


    Please note that referral rewards and rules are subject to change at any time without notice.

    Thank you again for your interest!

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