• Your Brand

    Your Customers

    Your Insights

  • Empower Your Customers

    Your guests are the best source of feedback. Use Servy's white label offering to collect feedback post purchase or empower your existing customers to become your mystery shoppers.

    Full Control

    Choose when and where you want evaluations, and how you want to incentivize the customer.

    More Data

    Receive 10x the evaluations so you can identify real trends and use mystery shopping and market research as decision making tools.

    Unbeatable Economics

    Use our efficient, multi-channel platform to turn mystery shopping and market research into a revenue driver.

    Actionable Insights

    Engage your customer so you receive real feedback and actionable insight from multiple experiences.

    Custom Branding

    Choose the messaging, communication channels, customer reward/loyalty integration, and more.

    Any Vertical

    Leverage Servy's proven technology for airline, hotel, retail, catering, and other industries.

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